Terms and Conditions

Please read the following important information before you register:

  • Generally, test reports are available approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the date of the test. Remember to schedule your appointment as soon as possible, so that the test report may be received well in advance of school deadlines.
  • You may register your child only once per admissions season, which is from April 1 through January 15.
  • You can alter your appointment through the online service up until 14 business days before your scheduled appointment. *
  • If you need to change your appointment with less than 14 business days from the date of test, you must notify the ERB office at 1-800-989-3721. *
  • Parents are responsible for making certain ERB knows which schools are to receive reports. You must select at least one school in order to register.
  • Adding to your list of schools to which reports are to be sent may be done at any time within the current testing season (April 1 – January 15). *
  • School Removal Policy:

    Please consider your list of schools carefully. A school may only be removed from your list, prior to the date of test (provided registration has been completed online).

* Fees may apply for some of these services. Please check the Fees section for a detailed list of Fees.

Please take a moment to read our Privacy Policy:

The Educational Records Bureau (ERB) recognizes the personal nature of any information shared between user and ourselves, and incorporates SSL encryption software. Also, it is ERB’s policy not to release any information contained in the online registration system to a third party. All information received is only used for registration and testing purposes.

Please take a moment to read our Coaching Policy:

Prior exposure to test materials may invalidate results. I affirm that my child has not been coached or tutored (either through direct exposure or third party intervention) for this assessment, and understand that any suspicion of coaching or tutoring may result in language indicating such on my child's score report. ERB reserves the right to make such a determination in it's sole professional discretion.

For additional information, please visit the ECAA FAQs page for information on the ECAA Coaching Policy.


I have read the accompanying information and agree to the terms and conditions above. To continue with registration, select ‘Accept Terms’ and then select ‘Continue With Registration’.

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